Juicy Jogger Quote, No Matter How Slow You Go, You are Still Lapping People on The Couch

Juicy Jogger Nation: The Fitness Movement that Shook the World

The date is unknown, the mood of the world is at an all-time low. We are in the middle of a pandemic, people’s emotions are on the brink of total eruption, and the world needs a hero. Unfortunately, a hero is not what the world got. Instead, they got Sonny G and Mike P; two middle-aged men well past their prime, and quite frankly who were teetering on the edge of Type II diabetes. The mocha-skinned dynamic duo made a promise to one another they would train, complain, be in pain, and run the World-renowned Dallas Marathon. Little did they know that their actions which were documented via social media would motivate the nation to follow suit, and get up off the couch. From this, The Juicy Jogger Nation was born. This running club isn’t your typical athletic organization. You won’t find any pro athletes here, but what you will find is the average American who is all about bettering themselves and those around them. We encourage through our own hardships of training and show that you don’t have to have abs or a chiseled jawline to still be kickass. The Juicy Jogger Nation doesn’t expect perfection, hell we don’t even want it…unless you’re Tom Brady, we want Tom Brady for sure. The Nation just wants you to be a better version of yourself every day. Stay Juicy, Nation.

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